Banana symposium: Biotechnology to address the current challenges for the sustainable banana production

The aim of this symposium, organized by the IV Biotechnology and Biodiversity International Congress-CIBB2018 in contribution to the XV International Banana Forum, is to present to the industry a holistic view about the current innovative and research findings across the entire banana production chain.  In other words, from the initial production until the commercialization of the fruit and its byproducts. At the core of this event, successful key examples from industry and academia will be presented to show how the adoption of biotechnology can serve as a powerful tool for the transformation not only from primary materials but also from residues into high value-add and marketable products. In addition, important issues related to the production, plant-health and improvement of banana, will be covered during the plenary sessions presented by a panel of international and national experts invited from different parts of the world such us Spain, Costa Rica, Australia, Mexico, Colombia and Cuba.

Key topics to be presented at this symposium includes:

  • Valuation and exploitation of banana residues

  • Biotechnology for improvement of banana production

  • Advances in the management of traditional, as well as and emergent illnesses   affecting the banana industry