Biodiscovery and Valorization of Natural Resources

This session aims to disseminate experiences and trends in the use of biodiversity (microorganisms, terrestrial and aquatic plants, etc.) to obtain bioproducts applicable to industrial sectors such as food, agriculture, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Emphasis will be placed on the valuation of resources (agricultural residues, by-products, surpluses, agro-industrial waste and others) through the use of microorganisms and/or enzymes, promoting the development of sustainable processes that can result in the production of biofertilizers, energy, raw materials, or byproducts, among others. Additionally, presentations related to technological advances in the area of bioprocesses and environmental bioremediation using microorganisms and plants will be promoted. This session will include a forum on "Waste management and soil fertility" to share experiences on the management of agricultural waste for the production of fertilizers and nutritional demand in the field, as well as the improvement of soil properties through the application of biofertilizers of microbial content.

Some of the themes that are included in this session are:

  • Biodiscovery: search for new natural products from unexplored environments and their potential use as therapeutic agents or plants biostimulants.

  • Obtention of bioactive compounds: valorization of agro-industrial byproducts and waste.

  • Obtention of biomaterials.

  • Environmental protection using microorganisms.

  • Business opportunities through applied research.