Ethnomedicine and Nutraceutical Symposium: Valorization of ancestral knowledge for the development of phytopharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals

This Symposium will address the value of ancestral knowledge in the preparation of phytopharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals through the dissemination of scientific research developed in medicinal plants. This overview will cover aspects ranging from the ancestral Amazonian knowledge associated with these plants as well as the regulatory aspects related to the development of products derived from this knowledge. It will promote the presentation of work related to the application of scientific methods for the validation of traditional ethnopharmacology and its application in current medicine.  Also, we will discuss the inclusion of pharmacological and epigenetic studies as new research trends of natural products, as well as the development of phytopharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. There will also be a space to share successful experiences between the University and private companies for the development, production, commercialization and patents of phytopharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

Finally, the attending audience will consolidate an interdisciplinary space of exchange and discussion of scientific knowledge and experiences for the development of beneficial products in the prevention of diseases This will become the frame for the First Meeting of the International Network of Phytopharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals to strengthen ourselves as an international and interdisciplinary group.