Forum: International Models for the production, commercialization, and breeding of rice

The rice forum has come about crystallized, as a result of the problems and needs producer presented in rice board meeting, where topics as production and Ecuadorian competitiveness in the international market, have been discussed.   International experts will participate in the forum; they will discuss their successful production models in countries as Uruguay, Colombia, and the United States.

We will discuss several topics such as rice breeding, developing varieties, pest resistance, production models, and rice commercialization with international partners. The event will represent a perfect environment to talk about the future perspectives and the need to establish a strong relationship between the academia and the rice private productive sector of our country.

One of our guests, a breeder from FLAR (Funds for Irrigated Rice), an organization that with a public-private alliance, have tried to improve competitiveness, sustainability of the rice production systems, through plant breeding and the adoption of new technologies for agricultural applications and the development of new rice production schemes. Another of of guests, is coming from INIA, National Institute for Agricultural Research (Uruguay), who with their research and innovation models, contribute to the economic sustainability, social and environment of the rice production chain in Uruguay, a country that is considered as a leader in the region when talking about production and commercialization of this important cereal.

Focused on stress tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress, we will have an expert from AgCenter Louisiana State University (LSU), center that has developed several rice varieties and hybrids with high quality and which is used to prepare the delicious typical food from Louisiana.